Ed's Feed & Seed

Ed's Feed & Seed

Ed's Feed & Seed is your home and garden headquarters! They specialize in top of the line lawn and garden supplies, animal feed and accessories, and a wide assortment of bird seeds and bird houses.

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Ed's Feed & Seed
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bird seed, flowers, plants, lawn fertilizer, animal repellent, animal traps, animal food, windchimes

Laurie Werner August 9, 2012 04:54PM EST

We've been customers here for the past few years. We buy bird seed and thistle in 40-50 lb bags. With the coupon the prices are good, and better than what I can get in the grocery store. The seed mix is also better than what I can get elsewhere for more money. Ed's a little moody sometimes :) But everyone is very nice & they load the car for you.

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