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Welcome to Froggy’s Car Wash & Black Tie Detailing, Cincinnati’s most exciting state of the art car wash and meticulous detailing service.

Froggy's Car Wash & Black Tie Detailing strive to provide the highest quality car washing and detailing services to make your car look new again.  With over 20 years in the car detailing industry, our specialty is to provide the highest standard of services & detailing by using the latest technology.   Whether choosing any selection of our exterior car washes or having your car detailed by one of our detail specialists, you can count on our quality and courteous service.

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Sarah Zamary June 13, 2012 08:31AM EST

Do not use Froggy's Car Wash. They use cold water, and on hot days this can crack your windshield. It cracked mine in HALF two weeks ago (it was either the cold water on a hot day or something in their car wash). The manager came over to see it when we pulled out of the car wash, but clearly couldn't do anything about it at the time. I called to speak with the owner FIVE times, but only got a return phone call after the fifth phone call, 2 weeks after the fact, and by somoene named Rick who wasn't the owner. Rick denied all responsibility for the cracked windshield, saying my windshield must have had a crack in it already. They have cameras all over the car wash and could plainly see that it wasn't cracked when I entered the car wash, and it was cracked in HALF when I drove out of the car wash. They claim to not have enough detail in their cameras to see this, but I find that very hard to believe given the windshield cracked in HALF, and they clearly have our reaction upon pulling out of the car wash (and the manager coming over to see it) recorded. Bottom line is they are denying any responsibility for this. To make matters worse, Rick actually hung up on me after I told him that I appreciated he didn't want to tarnish their reputation for never having broken a windshield (their reputation is spotless because they deny ever doing this!), but that my windshield clearly broke inside their car wash. EVERYONE'S CAR IS AT RISK in this car wash. Do NOT use Froggy's.

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