Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken

Lee's Famous Recipe

Since 1966, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken has been cooking up legendary flavor. Their famous recipe chicken is fresh and hand-breaded, honey-dipped and pressure-cooked to make it the best tasting chicken around!


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Lee's Famous Recipe

Chicken strips meal $4.99

Plus tax. Save 90 cents. Chicken breast strips meal (skinless). 3 chicken breast strips, 2 side dishes, 1 biscuit.

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Lee's Famous Recipe

3-piece dinner for $5.19

Plus tax. Save $1! 3 pieces of chicken (mixed), 2 side dishes, 1 biscuit.

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Lee's Famous Recipe

Feed four for $11.49

Save $4.85! Plus tax. 8 pcs of chicken (mixed), 1 pint of mashed potatoes, 1/2 pint of gravy, 4 biscuits.

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Lee's Famous Recipe Lee's Famous Recipe
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CHE BLUNT March 17, 2014 09:51AM EST

I have the lunch special almost every Wednesday Three piece meal for under 5 bucks, can't beat that.

Also had Lee's cater a kid's birthday party last year, what a big hit. Can't go wrong with Lee's!

Mary Reckers March 14, 2014 12:49PM EST

We love the Lee's in Hartwell. Hit the drive thru about every Wednesday as we call it "chicken night" at our house. Also go other days as well. Always have great specials, but the food is what makes it really great. Great chicken and sides. Can't beat it. -Mary

Sarah Campbell February 1, 2013 11:25AM EST

Lee's = the best chicken strips out there!!! Been going my whole life, and still think or it as a good day whenever we go!:D

Troy Davis September 14, 2011 08:31AM EST

They *do* have digital coupons, here:


Jennifer Osborne July 21, 2011 09:52PM EST

I do love me some Lee's Chicken!! I have always liked their food and then I found out about the Weds. special....3 PC Chicken Meal for only $4.20!!! You get 3 pcs of whatever kind of chicken you want and then you can chose 2 sides with a biscuit. You get butter and honey and you have a heck of a good deal.

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