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Are You looking for an integrative, fresh approach to traditional medicine? The Cole Center for Healing combines the very best of conventional medicine and leading technology. The Cole Center for Healing works in partnership with YOU, the patient, to help you achieve the highest level of health and wellness regardless of your current state of health. Their unique providers use a multidisciplinary approach to help you reach your goals.

Dr. Cole’s approach to Attention Deficit Disorder
The term "ADHD" is nothing more than a description of symptoms. But the real question is: what is causing these symptoms? There are a few key triggers for this behavior, with neurotransmitter disruption usually being a major factor.

The good news is that a neurotransmitter imbalance is simple to correct. Amino acids are used to normalize the levels of the neurotransmitters, which is something that drugs are incapable of doing. Drugs simply move neurotransmitters from one place to another, but do not correct the imbalance. In the long run, these drugs deplete the body of neurotransmitters and cause greater imbalance, ultimately resulting in a shutdown of the system.

Therapy with amino acids corrects the imbalances. Furthermore, the effects can be monitored with a simple urine test. Based on these lab results, they know exactly what dose is needed and when the neurotransmitter system is balanced. In addition, these results are obtained with no side effects or toxicity. And, in most cases, results are obtained rapidly.

Summer is the perfect time to consider ADHD therapies from The Cole Center for Healing. For more information on treating symptoms with a holistic approach, click here or call 513-208-2484.

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ADD/ADHD, Allergies, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety/Depression, Autism, Bell ’s palsy, Heart Disease, Cancer, COPD, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Eczema, Circulatory Disorders, Headaches, Hepatitis C, Herpes, Hormonal Imbalance, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Fibromyalgia, Neuralgia, Obesity, Parkinson’s Disease, Traumatic Injury, Sleep Apnea, Lyme Disease

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