Cabinet Refacing

kitchen cabinet refacing saves time and moneyRefacing your kitchen cabinets is a very cost effective way to "re-do" your kitchen.  Getting a fresh look helps to update your kitchen, as well as enhance the re-sell value of your home.

If you've ever priced new cabinets, when you compare the cost savings - and time savings - of refacing versus replacing, you'll be happy you asked about quality refacing options!

Traditional cabinet and kitchen designs are a popular option for many homeowners. Here are some cabinet refacing features that will help you achieve a contemporary or traditional look:

  • Raised panel doors
  • Doors with arches at the top
  • Stained glass doors or doors with etching
  • Wooden doors (cherry, oak and more)

Bring your kitchen cabinets up to the 21st century with just a few small changes! Modern cabinet refacing mixes shades and textures and breaks traditional kitchen cabinet refacing rules!

  • Choose paint, glaze, stain or bleach finishes, or mix and match some of your favorites
  • Modernize by cutting out the center panels and replacing them with glass or various other interesting material
  • Be creative!

To achieve a country look to your kitchen and kitchen cabinets, try muted hues and earth tones for a rustic, weathered, and cozy feel.

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