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There’s nothing like the feeling of diving into a cool, crisp swimming pool on a hot, summer day. Swimming pools are great for entertaining guests, exercising, and are enjoyed by adults and children alike. Pools are available in many shapes, sizes and depths, and range from inflatables, to over-the-top pools made to look like a lake or river. There are above ground pools, in ground pools, and they can be made from materials like metal, plastic, fiberglass or concrete.

There are a few important things to consider when shopping for a pool: what you plan to use it for, the cost involved, swimming pool maintenance and pool safety. Looking to cool off on a hot, summer day? An inflatable pool may be your best bet. Will your pool be used to entertain family and friends? Consider a large in ground pool or above ground pool with a deck. In ground swimming pools can be any shape, size or depth. Above ground swimming pools are usually round or oval and their liners have colorful designs.

Maintaining your pool’s cleanliness and pool maintenance will help prolong its lifespan, and help make your pool experience more enjoyable. It’s important to keep your pool water, pool filter, pool liner and pool floor clean and free of debris. Here are some pool maintenance basics:

• Clean the water with a leaf net before swimming

• Use a pool cover to keep debris out when you aren’t using it

• Pool filters should be cleaned once a month

• Scrub the pool liner periodically

• Use a pool vacuum to clean the floor

• Make sure your pool water is chemically balanced using a water-testing kit

• Ask swimmers to shower before getting in the pool

Stay safe with these important pool safety tips:

• Make sure the pool meets all local and national safety requirements

• Safety barriers, like fencing, pool covers and alarms should be installed to protect children and animals

• Don’t leave children alone near or in pool

• Store pool chemicals where children cannot access them

• Make sure you have lifejackets and/or life rings accessible in the event of an emergency

• It’s recommended that pool owners be CPR certified

• Avoid slips and falls and don’t run near the pool

There are many swimming pool costs to consider when shopping for a pool, including ownership costs. In general, above ground pools cost less than in ground pools. Additionally, you must consider:

• Pool size

• Construction type and materials

• Swimming pool installation fees

• Maintenance and cleaning fees

• Pool accessories and recreation costs

• Swimming pool permits and pool license fees

• Safety items like lighting, steps, fencing, etc.

• Landscaping items like rocks or stones

If you’re not already covered, it may be a good idea to get swimming pool insurance and protect your investment. For more information, check with your insurance company.

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