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When I put in my email address, it says I have to register, but I already have. What should I do?

The most likely problem is that you have cookies blocked from all websites on your computer - or at least from our site.  You need to change your browser settings to allow cookies and the site will work correctly.

 Click here for more information.

How can I be added to the Reach Magazine mailing list?

Reach Magazine uses a national mailing list vendor to mail our magazine to consumers' homes. To be able to do what we do, we have to mail almost every home in a carrier route, and we select the carrier routes that are most likely to be requested by our advertisers. While we are always looking for ways to expand our circulation, it's simply not possible to mail our magazine to every carrier route. And because we mail to all homes in a carrier route, we are unable to add individual addresses. is free and offers many of the same values and savings found in our print magazine. For more information, email or call us at 513-794-4100.

How can I be removed from the Reach Magazine mailing list?

If you no longer want Reach Magazine mailed to your home, you can go to Contact Us, Feedback or simply click here: please remove my address. You'll be asked to give us the address you would like removed from Reach Magazine’s mailing list, and we will add that address to our "Do Not Mail" list.

Please be patient – because of the various processes that we use, it may take up to three months for the magazine to stop coming to your home.

Can you help me find a specific advertiser that I'm looking for?

We offer a search function on the homepage where you can enter one or more words to find what you're looking for.

If you're unable to find them, please contact us.

Why do I need to register and give you my name and address?

We ask for your address so we can show you only the savings and values in your part of town.

Will you sell my personal information?

No. Reach Magazine has been in business for over 30 years in Cincinnati, Ohio — that's because we've earned the respect and trust of our clients over all of those years. We promise you the same ethical conduct in regards to our website and how it handles your personal information. We have a corporate security statement on how we protect hard copy and electronic documentation that is held in our possession. Click here for more information.

If I change my e-mail address, how do I let you know?

You must first be logged into Next, click on the My Account tab on the home page and you'll be able to update any personal information you've already given us. It's always helpful to know your current address so that we can continue to deliver the most relevant savings, ideas and values to you.

The website is asking me to join, but I've already joined. Why? uses cookies to remember who you are when you return to our site. Sometimes these cookies are erased when you clean up your computer files, and we can't tell who is visiting even though you're registered. There's no need to re-register; just log in and the site will be ready to go when you return again.

What is a cookie, and what does it do?

A cookie is a small file or part of a file that is stored on a computer. It is created and subsequently read by a website, such as It usually contains specific information such as a user's identification code or their customized preferences.

I live in one area of town, but work in a different area. How do I see values and savings from the area where I work?

It's easy to see values and savings from another part of town or even another city. Our site will always remember your home zip code, but you can choose to see information from another zip code or another city just by clicking on Change Location on the homepage.

I saw an ad in Reach, but it's not on your site. Why not?

Some advertisers prefer not to have their information available on our website.  If you're looking for a particular advertiser and you can't find it, you're always welcome to contact us and ask for our help!

How do I unsubscribe from your website?

If you have a concern about, please contact us and let us know what the problem is. If you still want to unsubscribe, go to the My Account tab on the homepage and then the Subscriptions tab. You'll see the option there to unsubscribe.

I'm having trouble logging in! Can you assist?

If you're having trouble logging in, it's likely that you have blocked "cookies" from being stored on your computer or that you have cleared your cookies recently and the cookies that our site uses to remember you are now gone.

If you've cleared your cookies, simply enter your email address and press 'log in' on the home page.

If you have blocked cookies from being saved to your computer by websites, either change that setting, or allow to save cookies while keeping other sites blocked.  For more information,  click here.

Is free?

Yes, there is no cost to you for subscribing to We hope you enjoy the site and come back to visit us often!

Can I come to work for Reach Magazine?

Reach Magazine is always looking for experienced and talented sales professionals to add to our sales staff around the country.

If you have the talent, we may have the opportunity you're looking for. Our company culture emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability instead of micro management and imposed budgets and income limitations. Set your own budgets, manage your own schedules and be managed by people who respect individuals for their performance and accomplishments.

If you want the rewards and responsibilities that come with the freedom to work the way you work best, Reach Magazine could be the career you're looking for. Click here for additional employment information.

Can I use if I live outside of the United States? is currently only serving the United States. Our site is designed around United States Postal Service zip codes. At this time, we do not offer service to any country other than the United States.

Why isn't there a Reach Magazine in my city?

There could be! If you're interested in helping to develop a Reach Magazine print magazine in your city, contact us!

How do I file complaints if a company I used through Reach Magazine does not follow through with what it promised?

If you ever have a problem with an advertiser from either Reach Magazine or, we'd like to be made aware of it. We will do our best to resolve any issue you might have with an advertiser.

You also can contact the Better Business Bureau in your area and report the problem. The BBB specializes in making sure companies that sell to consumers are conducting their businesses in a fair and equitable manner.